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Eyeliner Vs No Eyeliner – Pick the Best Look With Your Engagement Makeup Artist

18th May, 2023

Are you looking to decide if eyeliner or no eyeliner is the way to go for your engagement makeup? It’s a big decision, after all – a dash of dark eyeliner can help create an edgier look, while going without liner can give you that subtle but glamorous style.

That’s why we’ve decided to run down the pros and cons of each strategy so that you can make an informed decision with your engagement makeup artist in Gurgaon! Read on for our essential guide to eyeliner vs. no-liner looks.

When to wear eyeliner?

The eyeliner look defines and enhances your eyes with pencil, gel, or liquid products. Whether you want to create an exotic or unique look, the technique is effortless for expert makeup artists. However, for those seeking everyday use or less experienced with application, it requires time and effort to perfect the skill.

With just a brief learning curve, you can create amazing designs that make your eyes appear larger or smaller depending on your preferences. But different looks require different types of eyeliners. Here are some tips to help you decide when to use eyeliner and which type will be ideal for your makeup look. Get ready to transform your eyes with ease!

  • Opt for eyeliner shades that come in neutral or pastel colors. 
  • Be creative with your eyeliner by creating wings
  • Ditch the traditional lack color and opt for some splash of colors
  • Talk to the best makeup artist in Gurugram and try to complement the color of your eyeshadow with your eyeliner

When not to wear an eyeliner?

You may be thinking, “Eyeliner is critical for bridal makeup”, but we’ll prove you wrong. The no eyeliner trend is a popular minimalist look that gives you a fresh, innocent appeal. Best of all, you can say goodbye to mastering the perfect winged tip! Never fear, a professional makeup artist in Gurgaon can help you make the hard decision. 

Join the trend and discover a minimalistic bridal beauty routine that’s both chic and effortless.

For those curious about when to forego eyeliner, consider the following tips:

  • When going for dramatic eye makeup, such as smokey eyes, eyeliner is optional.
  • If sporting long faux eyelashes fanned out for a fuller appearance, skip eyeliner and opt for mascara.
  • You can ditch the eyeliner if you need are in a big rush. 

Final thoughts

Make your wedding day look all about you by choosing the eyeliner (or no eyeliner) that suits you best. Our expert advice is to trust your engagement makeup artist in Gurgaon, and build trust by booking a trial session with them beforehand. 

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