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Slay Your Engagement Function With the Top Engagement Makeup Artist in Gurgaon

23rd December, 2022

Every bride-to-be wants to look their absolute best for their big day. But with so many different engagement makeup styles out there, how do you decide what look is right for you? Well, no need to worry.


We’ve got all the latest engagement makeup trends and tips from the best engagement makeup artist in Gurgaon to help you pick the perfect style that will make your wedding photos shine!

Ask your engagement makeup artist to dress you up in these looks….

Here are some of the highly recommended looks to try out with the best engagement makeup artist.

The Natural Look

If you’re not a fan of too much makeup or want a classic bridal look, then the natural approach is probably the way to go. You can keep it simple and opt for light coverage foundation (or just a BB cream) along with some mascara and blush. Just be sure to use waterproof products so your makeup lasts through all those happy tears!

The Bold Look

For those who aren’t afraid of taking risks and love vibrant colors, then going bold might be the way to go! Go for full coverage foundation and don’t be afraid to experiment with eyeshadow—there are tons of tutorials online showing off the latest looks. Add some false lashes and lip color if you want an extra pop in your photos.

The Retro Look

If you want something unique but still timelessly chic, why not try out a retro-inspired look? Start off by finding a vintage-inspired palette like reds, greens, or gold that matches your outfit and accessories. Then add some winged eyeliner and bright lips for a timeless throwback glamour look! Don’t forget some finishing touches like false lashes or feathers in your hair.

Complement your makeup with your engagement dress

The perfect makeup look and the perfect gown to accompany it come hand-in-hand when you’re choosing your engagement dress. It should go without saying that matching your dress with your accessories, including makeup, will give you a complete and beautiful look for the special day.


First, pick out the basics for your ensemble like a foundation, blush and eyeshadow that complements your complexion. Finish off the look with subtle color touches such as pink eyeshadow, coral lip liner and shimmering cheeks to create an effortless beauty statement that absolutely screams ‘engagement’!

Your eye and lip makeup is equally important

When it comes to makeup, most people often overlook the importance of their eye and lip makeup. Sure, foundation and concealer are essential, but when it comes down to it, the eyes and lips can make or break your look.


I mean don’t get me wrong – a good base is key – but if you’re going to go all-out with your makeup, why not really focus on using eye and lip products that will really make them stand out? Whether you want a sultry look with smoky eyes and deep red lips or something more natural with rosy cheeks and glossy eyelids. Emphasizing these two areas of your face can turn any classic makeup routine into something truly extraordinary.



No matter which engagement makeup style you choose, one thing’s for sure: you’ll stand out from the crowd! So don’t be afraid to express yourself through your makeup choices on your special day. With our tips, we know that you’ll have all the confidence necessary to slay with whatever look you choose!

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