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The Future of Wedding Makeup: 2023 Edition

22nd December, 2022

Weddings are always on trend, and that’s especially true for wedding makeup. Every year brings something new to the table, and in the world of weddings, 2023 is no exception. From chrome lips to holographic eyeshadows, it’s time to get ready for the future of wedding makeup! Here are the top predictions from the best wedding makeup artist .

Best styles to rock on in 2023 with the top wedding makeup artist

Check out some looks that are surely gonna rock the bridal looks in 2023.

Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner is back in full force with a futuristic twist. This is not your mother’s glitter eyeliner—this look calls for bright colors and bold designs. Think iridescent blues and purples with a hint of holographic sparkle. For a truly unique look, opt for a graphic design like stars or lightning bolts instead of classic cat-eye wings.

Chrome Lips

The days of subtle lip stains are over! If you want to make a statement on your big day, go all-in with chrome lips. Chrome lipsticks come in every color imaginable—from warm bronzes to icy blues—so you can tailor your look to match your wedding theme perfectly. And if you’re feeling adventurous, ask your wedding makeup artist to try out an ombre effect with two shades blended together!

Holographic Highlighter

Highlighting has been all the rage for years now—and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! But why settle for traditional highlighter when you can take things up a notch with holographic highlighter? This shimmery product will give you the perfect glow without making you look like an oily mess by mid-day. Plus, its iridescent finish will be sure to turn heads at your

Glowy Skin

According to the top wedding makeup artist in Gurgaon, the trendiest look for brides in 2023 is glowy, dewy skin. This looks natural and effortless, yet still gives you that special, glowing bridal look. To achieve this look, apply a light layer of foundation or tinted moisturizer for a sheer finish—just enough coverage to even out skin tone without looking heavy or cakey. Then use highlighter cream to give your face an extra boost of light. Focus on applying it to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, forehead, chin and brow bone

Neon Colors

Neon colors are going to make a big statement in 2023 wedding makeup looks. To rock this trend without going overboard, pick one feature (such as eyes or lips) and choose one neon color to make it stand out. For example, if you want to go bold with eyeshadow try using electric green or bright pink shades on the outer corners of your eyes. If loud lip colors are more up your alley then opt for electric orange or pink lipstick shades. But don’t forget about subtlety; pair these bold colors with neutral hues like beige or bronze so there is balance between the two tones.


Wedding makeup trends are constantly changing, so don’t let yourself get left behind! Glitter eyeliner, chrome lips, and holographic highlighters are just some of the looks that will be big in 2023 weddings—so if you want to stay ahead of the curve and rock one of these looks on your special day, start practicing now! With the right tools and techniques, you’ll be able to create any style imaginable—whether it’s classic elegance or ultra-modern glamour. So grab your makeup brush and get ready to shine brighter than ever before!

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