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Top Myths About Bridal Makeup You Need to Stop Believing

18th November, 2022

If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you’ve been inundated with advice from well-meaning family and friends about what you should and shouldn’t do to prepare for your big day. And when it comes to your bridal makeup, there are plenty of myths floating around that can cause serious anxiety. Well, booking a professional bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon can help you achieve the perfect look on your wedding.

So today, we’re setting the record straight on some of the most common myths about bridal makeup. Keep reading to get the scoop!

1. Myth: Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a new makeup look.

Reality: Your wedding day is the perfect time to experiment with a new makeup look! This is your chance to try something different and have some fun with your look. After all, it’s not every day that you get to dress up and feel like a princess.

So go ahead and experiment with that bold lip color or smoky eye you’ve always wanted to try. Discuss with your bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon about the looks that you would like to try. Just be sure to do a few trial runs beforehand so you know exactly what you’re doing on your big day.

2. Myth: You need to book the best bridal makeup artist months in advance.

Reality: While it’s always best to book your vendors as early as possible, there’s no need to panic if you don’t have a makeup artist lined up yet. Just give yourself enough time for a few trial runs so you can find someone whose style you love and who makes you feel comfortable and confident on your big day.

3. Myth: Your wedding day makeup needs to be completely different from your everyday look.

Reality: There’s no rule that says your wedding day makeup has to be drastically different from your everyday look. No bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon would ever agree on this.

In fact, many brides choose to go with a more natural look for their big day. The most important thing is that you feel like yourself and that you’re comfortable with your appearance. After all, this is YOUR day!

4. Myth: Airbrushing is the only way to go on your wedding day.

Reality: Airbrushing is certainly an option for brides who want a flawless complexion, but it’s not the only option. If you’re not interested in airbrushing, that’s totally fine! There are plenty of other ways to achieve smooth, beautiful skin on your big day. Just work with your makeup artist to find the right foundation, concealer, and powder for your skin type and concerns.

5. Myth: You should never wear white on your wedding day because it will clash with your dress.

Reality: This one is definitely a myth! Wearing white on your wedding day is actually a great way to add some contrast and make your features pop. Just be sure to steer clear of stark white shades— opting for softer ivory tones instead—so you don’t wash yourself out in photos.


Bridal makeup doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful—just use these tips as guidelines as you plan and prep for your big day! And above all else, remember that this is YOUR special day—so have fun with it!

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